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Prides Corner Farms Supports Easter Seals Camp Hemlocks with a $0.50 donation from the sale of each herb.


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Easter Seals Camp Hemlocks and Superb Herbs:
A partnership helping kids and adults with disabilities have fun.

One of the reasons I came on board with Superb Herbs was because of their partnership with Easter Seals Camp Hemlocks. I like being associated with folks who care about others so deeply they are willing to risk their reputation for the good of a cause. For you see, from the start, the people at Superb Herbs had a plan. Every herb they sold was going to help children and adults with disabilities go to camp. Camp Hemlocks is a place that brings out the kid in everyone no matter if they are 6 or 96! Campers successfully meet challenges on a daily basis you and I wouldnít know how to cope with, and thereís an opportunity for personal bests no matter what age or disability. They swim, go boating, play computer games, climb walls, have cookouts, and take a turn around the dance floor. That week or so at camp is the highlight of their summer. The folks at Superb Herbs donít just help the camp financially, they teach the kids about flowers and trees and spruce up the grounds with plants. Iím proud to be a part of this partnership and you should be, too.


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