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Sara's Superb Herbs

We are adding new plants to the line for 2005; some new peppers and now tomatoes! That's right, they're not just vegetables anymore; the new interest in lycopene and capsaicin as heart healthy additives to the diet makes these herbs too! Whether you think peppers and tomatoes are fruits, vegetables, or herbs, we think they're great new additions to a already outstanding group of plants. You'll find detailed information on this website about each herb we sell, about storing them, planting them, using them in garden settings, and making them into sumptuous dishes and healing concoctions. As we add new herbs to our pantry, new greenhouses to our nursery, and new ideas for craft projects, natural remedies, and recipes, we'll keep you posted right here. So bookmark Sara's Superb Herbs and check back often!



What's New at Camp Hemlocks

The folks over at Prides Corner Farms spent a few of their afternoons and Saturdays working on the water garden at Camp Hemlocks and it really shows; the place has never looked better! Nice to be in the same program with such dedicated and friendly folks who are really doing their best to make Camp Hemlocks a better place on so many levels. Nice job, guys!